House renovation: Mistakes that you will never stop making 

Home renovation ideas are great, only as long as you have an eye on these common mistakes and avoid making them. The saddest thing is that most of us don’t even realize that we are making a mistake in the process of renovating the house. We realize it later when there is no scope for rectification. It is always a nice to get some professional advice or read something about renovation ideas so that we stand away from the crowd and live in peace.  


10 things that ought to remember 

The following are the 10 important things that you should keep in mind when you are renovating your house.  

Plan properly:

Anything that you do needs planning. Organise things and make sure that they are falling in the right place. Most people execute the whole plan only to find out later that an appliance won’t fit in. Do not make the same mistake.  

Wrong investments:

Do not spend too much of money in the wrong space. Have a check list and make sure that you are sowing where you can reap. If you are spending on the unimportant ones, you might have to skip what is required, to fit into the budget 

Overlooking important spaces:

We are always comfortable with the existing bathrooms and kitchens. We renovate only the rest of the house. This is not right. Bathrooms and Kitchens are the areas that need renovation in the first place, and they have to be kept updated. So never overlook these important spaces. 

Take time to choose a contractor:

Be patient and wait for the right contractor to reach your door step. Do not save time here, because if the person is not efficient enough, he is going to kill all the time you earlier saved.  

Cheap is not always the best:

Looking for contractors who can provide cost effective services is a smart move but not always. Certain renovation ideas will get along well only if you expend the amount they demand. If you are looking for discounts, they might backfire.  

Get professional assistance:

You renovation ideas can either small ones or large ones. For the smaller ones, you can take quick suggestions and get into work. But if you are working on serious renovations then it is important that you take the support of an architect or a professional designer.  

Set Budgets with a cushion:

The first thing we do when it comes to renovation is to fix a budget within which your house renovation should take place. Always remember in construction and renovation you will never know when unexpected things pop up causing you spend more than what you expected. So make sure that you place a cushion in your budget that supports these contingent expenses. 

Add a floor drain:

Most people during renovation forget or at times hesitate to add some of the necessary attachments to the house, and one among them is a floor drain. Out of the blue, there is a sudden flow of water, or your washing machine tube gets cut, just imagine the aftermath. So never forget to add floor drains wherever necessary.  

Avoid suggestions:

I know I am contradicting the statement I made earlier. All I am saying is, some random Tom, Dick and Harry cannot advice. All of us have our own tastes, our comfort zones differ, and a neighbour will never understand it. So take your own decisions or take advice only from the people who have professional knowledge and experience in renovation. 

We promised 10 mistakes, but we have listed only 9 here.  The 10th mistake happens only when you are not keeping in mind the above listed errors. So the last point would be to remember these tips and follow them meticulously.