The King Maker of the Indian Paint industry

In the olden days, there used to a lot of beliefs that decided the colour in which the house should be painted. However today all such clichéd thoughts are broken, and people use almost all colours and in combinations that are seriously hard to imagine. Apart from the look it offers, paint is the outermost shield that protects your house from anything that touches your wall. If you are not picking one among the best, then you may have to regret your decision sometime sooner or later. After all, what can be more important than the health of your walls?  

The Goodness of picking the best in the market: 

Asian paints

One might not necessarily choose a paint based on the brand or endorsements of the same, it all depends on what impact it has on the walls and of course on the inmates of the house. So here are some of the reasons why we pick Asian paints 

  • The Asian paints work with high-performance colour pigments and binder technology. This helps the building gain resistance towards the ultra violet rays. This resistance automatically means that you paint fade slower than the usual rate. 
  • It gives the house a classy finish as a result of the excellent sheen.  
  • It comes with the advanced anti-algal formula that protects the house from the formation of algae and ugly black spots off the walls.  
  • It has good dirt pick up resistance (DPUR) which keeps away the dust particles that settle on the walls of the house both the external and the internal ones 
  • The best part is, Asian paints offer seven years performance warranty making them strong and good enough to bank upon. 
  • These paints go through a lot of tests, to ensure the safety of the residents.  
  • It will certainly protect you against all the below stated hazards of using cheap quality paints. 

Hazards of cheap quality paints: 

  • Poor quality paints can emit toxic elements that can affect the health of the members in a house. These emissions can occur in the first few days after painting while there are studies that say that these emissions can happen even after years of painting under specific circumstances. 
  • Some organic paints can cancer inside animals however the similar impact on the human body is yet to get confirmed. Any health constraint due to paints can begin with eye irritation, throat irritation, rashes, headache, nausea and even visual disorders. 
  • If any of the inmates have breathing problems like asthma then choosing an appropriate brand is a must.   
  • When it comes to the walls, they can quickly lose colour and might look pale 
  • The walls are not healthy enough to withstand for ages. 
  • The external walls are prone to a lot of troubles be it the trouble caused by the neighbours, carelessness of the family members or natural calamities. So the paints should have a reasonable quality to bear all of it.